Kevin Mulvany & Susie Rogers: They are an English husband and wife team who have been working for over 25 years creating some of the world’s most magnificent miniature houses filled with beautifully designed, historically accurate period rooms.

Their homes and miniature boxes are in museums around the world. Spencer House, I think one of their best creations,  can be seen at Kentucky Gateway Museum in Maysville,  Kentucky and several of their individual rooms are on display at the Naples Museum in Florida.

In their recently published book, Magnificent Miniatures they quote one of their mentors, Kristin Baybars, who advised them to “Copy what you see, not what you think what you see” . What terrific advice for any miniaturist or model maker. This book is a “Must Read” for any serious collector and can be purchased at Amazon, ( )

What I think is so impressive about their work is the monumental size and scale of the houses. When you view one of their houses your first impression is “Wow, That’s Cool”, followed by the question “How long do you think it took them to make that?

In addition to their commissioned houses and rooms they also have an internet shop featuring , decorative accessories and gilded & painted furniture. If that were not enough to keep them busy, they also teach “Master Classes” in England.

They are truly “Super Stars”

For more information on them view their internet site at

Click here to see a few examples of Mulvany & Rogers work.