Room Boxes - Available For Sale


I produce three to four boxes for sale each year, and exclusively sell them locally or at miniature shows. Because my production is so limited, and since I want the flexibility to create whatever inspires me, I do not accept any special orders or comissions.

Sales Locations and Dates:

No Exhibits at this time. If you have an interest in one of my works shown in the  “Works Sale Section” please give me a call at 513-272-1850.

Portfolio Publication:

A Portfolio illustrating all of my roomboxes and other material is now available for purchase. The book is priced at $150 plus mailing costs and it contains over 80 pages of over 100 photographs and text.  A hardbound copy of the book can be obtained at Blurb and a soft copy of the book can be obtained at Amazon.

Lecture Offerings:

The History of Miniatures as an Art Form

General Description:

This 20 to 30 minutes lecture will provide a glimpse into the world of high quality miniature rooms and miniature furniture. It starts witha brief history of a few of the most important benefactors and their collaborating artisans. Followed by a discussion of various examples of historical and contemporary work designed for the miniaturist, collector, and hobbyist. The lecture concludes by viewing examples of miniature boxes designed and built by me and a pictorial step-by-step demonstration of the actual creation of a miniature box from its inception to completion.

The lecture is extremely rich in both content and stunning visuals. It is designed for all audiences, male, female, old and young, the committed miniaturist or the merely curious.


The time/length of lecture is designed to vary depnding on the time-frame desired. The optimum time is 20 to 30 minutes.

The lecture is very visual and requires a room which can be darkened so that optimum viewing of the projected images can be easily seen.

As far as equipment is conserned, I will require a movie/slide screen or large off-white wall to project the images on, a computer projector, an electric plug and extension cord, and a microphone if the audience is over 50 people.


The cost to an organization for my lecture is generally free and is based on the travel distance. Please call for availabilty and more information.