Every business, profession, craft and hobby has its' "All Stars".

The following individuals represent, in my opinion, the finest craftsmen, collectors and miniaturists who have ever been active in the fields of building and collectin Miniature Rooms.

In those cases where the "All Star" is still actively producing or collecting, I have tried included contact information my descriptive information. I have also included selected locations where you can see their work in person.

Nominate an "All Star"

If you know of someone whose work or collection in the field of Miniature Rooms may merit addition to my list of "All Stars" please contact me at bob@boboff.com


Mrs. James Thorne and her collaborator Eugene Kupjack: They were responsible for creating, what I believe is, the finest collection of miniature rooms in the world. These rooms are now on display ............Click here for More

Kevin Mulvany & Susie Rogers: They are an English husband and wife team who have been working for over 25 years creating some of the world's most magnificent miniature .............Click here for More

The Kupjack Studios: Hank and Jay are the sons of Eugene Kupjack and operate their studio outside of Chicago. They are continuing in their father's footsteps creating world-class museum quality miniature rooms which are in collections across the world and ..............Click here for More

William Robertson: Bill has been building exquisite miniatures for over thirty years in Kansas City, and has been instrumental in the design of several museum installations involving miniatures. Bill's artistic talents go wa y beyond the construction of miniature rooms. He also ...........Click here for More

Kay Browning: Kay is an avid collector of miniatures, and is the Miniature Curator at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center located in Maysville, Kentucky just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. The museum collection contains evidence of her many years of astute collecting and collaboration with many of the best artisans in the world. The museum collection includes ........Click here for More

Ruth McChesney: Ruth created and oversaw the creation of numerous museum quality miniature rooms and was a very talented artisan herself, specializing in needlework. She lived in Pittsburgh and worked closely with Dick Smith an interior designer and miniature painter. Her rooms are ..........Click here for More