I am the owner of Miniature Rooms Company, and I am a member of the IGMA, The International Guild of Miniature Artisans.

Robert OffI have been building miniature architectural boxes for my personal enjoyment since 1998. I was inspired by the miniature architectural boxes designed and created between 1932 and 1941 by Mrs. James Thorne and Eugene Kupjack. Those miniature boxes are now part of Chicago Art Institute's permanent collection and are one of their most popular and most viewed exhibits (See "all Stars" Tab).

Before I started making boxes, I painted miniature, 54 mm, soldiers for many years. Although I don't paint military figures anymore, I continue to collect and maintain a strong interest in the field. I am also a collector of 19th century American fine prints and am an active member of the American Historical Print Collectors Society.



Professionally, I am a retired commercial real estate investor and broker. Earlier in my career, I worked for the United States Government at the State Department and at The White House during the Nixon and Ford Administrations.

I reside in Cincinnati, Ohio with my wife and my dog, a yellow lab.