Cincinnati Antiques Festival --2007

Cincinnati Antiques Festival -- Special Exhibit
October 11, 2007
Cincinnati Antiques Festival -- Special Exhibit

The Cincinnati Antiques Festival has been held annually in October for over 40 years. The thirty to forty antique dealers that participate come from around the world and sell the full range of fine antique furniture and accessories. The proceeds from the event benefit Convalescent Hospital for Children in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This year, as an extra/bonus exhibit a number of Cincinnati Collectors, Companies and Artisans were asked to exhibit a few items which were representative of their personal or corporate collections. The items were to have some connection to antique furniture and collectables. The fourteen exhibits ranged from a collection of “Salt & Pepper Shakers” collected by  local chef and a “Holiday Table Setting” designed by Tiffany & Co to three “Architectural Miniature Boxes”  designed and built by Robert Off.

The exhibit was a popular success and much heralded by many of the dealers who believed that it contributed to a positive sales environment.  They commented particularly about the boxes which they thought demonstrated to the viewing public what it is like to live with antiques.