Everything About Miniature Rooms, “Way Beyond Your Grandmother’s Doll House”
Lecture By Robert Off

Lecture by Robert Off,  the  Delaware Art museum
January 9, 2010
Lecture by Robert Off, the Delaware Art museum

This lecture will a glimpse into the world of high quality miniature rooms and miniature furniture. It begins with a brief history of a few of the most famous benefactors and their collaborating artisans. This is achieved by viewing detailed examples of their work which was primarily designed for museums.

This is followed by a discussion of various examples of historical and contemporary work designed for the miniaturist collector and hobbyist. The lecture concludes by viewing examples of miniature boxes designed and built by the lecturer, and a pictorial step-by-step demonstration of the actual creation of a miniature box from its inception to the final product.

The lecture is extremely rich in both content and stunning visuals.  It is designed for all audiences, male, female, old and young, the committed miniaturist or the merely curious.

Courtney Waring, Director of Education at the museum, and  Robert Off during the installation of the exhibit in November 2009.